Emily’s Senior Couture Session – Shelly Rose Photography – Southern Maine Senior Photographer

IMG_1501R-low IMG_1503R-low IMG_1504R-low IMG_1506R-low IMG_1510R-low IMG_1515R-low IMG_1518R-low IMG_1519R-low IMG_1521R-low IMG_1523R-low IMG_1525R-low IMG_1529R-low IMG_1531R-low IMG_1532R-low IMG_1534R-low IMG_1536R-low IMG_1538R-low IMG_1539R-low IMG_1540R-low IMG_1541R-low IMG_1543R-low IMG_1544R-low IMG_1548R-low IMG_1550R-low IMG_1551R-low IMG_1552R-low IMG_1553R-low IMG_1554R-low


About shellyrosephoto

Maine's premiere Boudoir and High School Senior photographer. Other sessions that are offered include Family Sessions, Beauty/Glam, Business Headshots, etc.

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