Randah-Lee’s Senior Couture Session – Shelly Rose Photography – Southern Maine Senior Photographer


IMG_1167R-low IMG_1172R-low IMG_1174R-low IMG_1175R-low IMG_1177R-lowIMG_1178R-low IMG_1189R-low IMG_1184R-low IMG_1183R-low IMG_1182R-low IMG_1179R-lowIMG_1191R-low IMG_1200R-low IMG_1198bay box cover-low IMG_1194R-low IMG_1192R-low IMG_1208R-lowIMG_1207R-lowIMG_1204R-lowIMG_1206R-low IMG_1201R-low IMG_1217R-low

IMG_1222R-low IMG_1220R-low IMG_1224R-lowIMG_1216R-lowIMG_1230R-lowIMG_1211R-lowIMG_1215R-low IMG_1226R-low


About shellyrosephoto

Maine's premiere Boudoir and High School Senior photographer. Other sessions that are offered include Family Sessions, Beauty/Glam, Business Headshots, etc.

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