Senior Girls

Lea’s Senior Spokesmodel Session – Shelly Rose Photography – Southern Maine Senior Photographer

IMG_0861R-low IMG_1208R-low IMG_0875R-low IMG_0869R-lowIMG_1216R-low IMG_1231R-lowIMG_1244R-low IMG_3196R-lowIMG_3205R-low IMG_3208R-lowIMG_3212R-low IMG_3214R-low IMG_3215R-lowIMG_3217R-low IMG_3219R-low IMG_3221R-lowIMG_3222R-low IMG_3224R-low IMG_3225R-lowIMG_3226R-lowIMG_3229R-low IMG_3234R-low IMG_3231R-lowIMG_3236R-low IMG_3243R-low IMG_3240R-low IMG_3238R-lowIMG_3245R-low IMG_3247R-lowIMG_3249R-lowIMG_3251R-lowIMG_3253R-lowIMG_3254R-lowIMG_3255R-lowIMG_3259R-lowIMG_3260R-lowIMG_3263R-lowIMG_3264R-lowIMG_3265R-low


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